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Reading Curriculum


Utmost Confidence with Proven Results

Built upon a research-based instructional design and proven efficacy results, Journeys is the most widely used reading program across the country.

Empower Students to Read Rigorous Texts

A realistically paced 3-step close reading routine and online tools empower students to read rigorous texts. Using authentic, rigorous text to anchor the core instruction, Journeys weaves the skills of close reading into a practical 3-step routine that is realistically paced to give students more time to dig deeper, analyzing complex text. The Student eBook provides tools that promote close reading such as responding to questions at point-of-use, highlighting text, and taking notes online, which empowers students to read rigorous text.

Leveled Readers for Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated instruction in small groups helps focus instruction and provide immediate feedback. Journeys Leveled Readers, leveled by Irene Fountas, offer a wide range of readability levels at each grade allowing teachers to accelerate student progress towards reading more complex text. Journeys Leveled Readers are tied to the topic of the Anchor Text, include lesson vocabulary, and connect and extend comprehension skills and strategies from whole-class lessons.

In addition to the small-group instructional support in the Teacher’s Edition, every Journeys Leveled Reader comes with an 8-page Teacher’s Guide designed by Irene Fountas that supports students at their instructional level. Each Teacher’s Guide includes Running Records along with opportunities to promote thinking within the text, thinking about the text, thinking beyond the text and writing about reading.

To access Journeys Reading Curriculum at home:

Go to:

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  • School- Stride Elementary

Then put in:

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Any questions or problems, please email your child’s homeroom teacher.