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STRIDE ABC Information

In line with Minnesota's Charter School laws, which preclude charter schools from owning property, STRIDE Academy in St. Cloud, MN, established the non-profit Affiliated Building Company (STRIDE ABC) in 2015, specifically for the purpose of purchasing the building at 3241 Oakham Lane. This strategic initiative was undertaken to facilitate the development of a state-of-the-art educational facility spread across approximately 16 acres and boasting a 30,000-square-foot building designed to enhance the learning experience for students.


Given the statutory limitations that prevent charter schools from bonding or levying taxes like traditional public schools, STRIDE Academy and STRIDE ABC engage in an annual lease agreement sanctioned by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE). This agreement enables STRIDE Academy to receive "lease aid" from the state, predominantly used to fulfill lease obligations to STRIDE ABC. These funds are vital for STRIDE ABC, as they not only support the repayment of a $16 million debt incurred for the site's construction but also ensure the ongoing maintenance and improvement of the premises, directly contributing to the school's mission.


Reflecting the governance structure outlined in the "SA BC Bylaws" document, the STRIDE ABC board convenes quarterly, with the flexibility to meet more frequently through ad hoc sessions as required. These meetings, which can be held virtually or in person, are instrumental in guiding the strategic and operational direction of STRIDE ABC. This adaptable approach to scheduling enhances the board's ability to make timely decisions and oversee the organization's activities, including the critical task of facility management and development. Such gatherings are essential for ensuring that STRIDE ABC's efforts align with and support the educational objectives of STRIDE Academy.


The building company is also responsible for the upkeep of the building and grounds and helps with payments towards those areas for the school.


The current members of the STRIDE ABC Board, tasked with this significant oversight responsibility, are:

- Nathan Schweiters, President

- Neil Theisen, Secretary

- Monica Schraut, Member

- Cory Heinen, Member


This governance model and operational framework underscore a collaborative and strategic effort to sustain and enhance the educational environment at STRIDE Academy, ensuring it remains conducive to high-quality learning and development.