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Pillsbury United Communities

STRIDE Academy’s status with it’s Authorizer, Pillsbury United Communities, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Over the course of the current contract term STRIDE Academy has performed at a high level with regard to academics, governance, and operations and leadership, and has a stable position financially. The strong community feel, innovative approach to education, and individualized learning are strengths of the program.


The academic performance of the school is consistently strong.  STRIDE met the majority of their academic goals for the contract and performed at a high level on Pillsbury United Communities’ Performance Framework.  The work the school has done utilizing dyslexia strategies, as well as the persistent focus on individualized learning, continue to advance student learning.  The school should be proud of its accomplishments over the term of the contract.


The STRIDE Academy board is highly functional and organized. Meetings are run well and focus on the governance of the school.  The board has done deep-dives into the purpose of and opportunities for the school during their board retreats. They are a committed and purposeful board that serves the school well.

Operations and Leadership

STRIDE Academy is an operationally proficient school that is well-run. The staff at the school are dedicated to the students and are willing to go the extra mile to help them succeed. This attitude of collaboration and innovation is present in the culture of the school overall. The established leadership of the school facilitates these aspects as central to the work being done at  STRIDE Academy.

STRIDE Academy is a student-centered school with a well-developed educational model that advances learning for all students. They have recovered from recent challenges and have used the stabilizing process to go deeper into actualizing the purpose of the school.

Overall, STRIDE Academy is a high-performing, well-run school with a positive culture and strong student outcomes. A contract term of four (4) years recognizes the consistent performance of the school in all areas, with very few concerns to address from Pillsbury United Communities. Pillsbury United Communities looks forward to the school’s continued success over the next contract term (July 1st, 2021 to June 30th, 2025).

Pillsbury United Communities Key Contacts

Alul Yesak, Director


Kristen Robert, Associate Director

Angie Tapia, Associate Charter School Authorizer Liason



Pillsbury United Communities